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Spine specialists are medical personnel with many years of experience to treat signal injury.  They are also known as spinal orthopedic surgeons and are trained to treat wide ranges of spinal injuries and diseases.  Their experience covers treatment of lumbar spine, thoracic and cervical conditions in both adult and pediatric patients.


An orthopedist specializing in the treatment of the spine has the ability to practice surgical management of spinal deformities and other conditions such as the reconstruction of the cervical. While  the spine is a complicated organ that holds the back of the neck and the lower back of a man together, its structure consists of a complex elements.

There are many causes of spinal injury and these include car accident, sport activities, heavy fall and lifting of heavy objects. Meanwhile there are emergency signs and symptoms a patient could experience which calls for urgent consultation of a spinal orthopedic surgeon.

Some of the signs include extreme pain in the back, neck and head – numbness and lack of sensation in some parts of the body – weak or lack of coordination in some parts of the body – difficulty in walking or maintaining balance – abnormal breathing of patients etc. 

A severe spinal injury is always not detected immediately the injury occurs but it will be wise to see a spinal orthopedic surgeon almost immediately an accident happened. He diagnoses the spine and observes the gravity of the injury before deciding on the type of treatment he would apply.

After evaluation of the injury, a spine surgeon would carry out surgery to control the pain and treat other diseases that come with the injury.  The severity of injury to the spine can be catastrophic which might leave lifetime discomfort on the patients – hence a precaution is needed to avoid serious injury.     


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