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The ankle is a fragile part of our body that could be injured with just a wrong footstep – anytime and in any place. The structure of the ankle is a bit complicated particularly with several attachments joining the bones, ligaments and muscles together. Though many factors are known to cause painful injury to the ankle but with proper ankle injuries treatment, the patients would not have any problem in the long run.


Often referred to athletes’ injury, ankle injury is a worrisome condition not only to the athletes but to whoever got his ankle injured under any condition. Each day, people sprain the ankle during tedious activities while sports-persons are most vulnerable.

Team sports like soccer, basketball and volleyball always expose their players to possible ankle injuries probably due to rough tackles especially in soccer and vigorous contact like in basketball. But individual sports and home accident had also been a regularly cause of orthopedic injuries including ankle which only orthopedic doctors have the medical training to treat effectively.

A buckled ankle would result to devastating pain and uncomfortable moment on the part of the patient. At this time, the muscles and ligaments might have been damaged or torn which make the condition even much frustrating.  However, treating ankle sprain and strain have yielded positive result due to advanced therapy applied by orthopedists.

Fracture of the ankle is a serious condition that athletes often experienced when in full game participation. This happens when one or more bones got broken leaving devastating orthopedic condition while the patients are liable to experience very painful situation.

An orthopedic doctor is the only person who had been trained to carry out ankle injuries treatment by using modern method of therapy. They understand the component of an ankle and have the experience to apply surgery if necessary.                    


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