Wrist Fractures and Their Types

A wrist fracture is very common problem and instantly arrives with a fall, accident, sports or work etc. We often suffer wrist injuries when we receive stroke on the wrist that do not support the weight of the body and breaks two bones of the forearm wrist joint, the radius and the ulna. When wrist is broken, it is usually the lower end of the radius which got fractured.

The different types of fracture

There are various kinds of fractures of the wrist. Several criteria are taken into account to categories wrist fractures like:

1.) The degree of displacement: In this type we consider that fracture is moved or not moved. Displaced fractures are the most serious and require operation.
2.) The spread or not in the joint: That is to say when the divide is the joint itself.

3.) The person in whom the fracture occurs: a child , an adult or an elderly person. Wrist fractures are more common in children and elderly.

Other than types, there are some common fractures as well. The two most common are:

The Colles fracture: It is also called deformation “back Fork”. It is a fracture of the distal radius that is accompanied by a posterior displacement. It represents the majority of wrist fractures.

The fracture pat of butter: It is a common fracture in children. It is characterized by bone compaction.

In case of any injury, it is always required to go to the Dallas orthopedic surgeons on the prior basis.

Wrist injuries can turn into serious fractures if not considered seriously. So it’s better to go to the doctor as soon as possible rather than to go for home remedies.