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What You Need to Know About Back Pain

Most people suffer from a very common problem that is back pain, since it’s a very common problem most people don’t pay attention to it and did not care about treating it. Even if this back pain goes away by itself there are high chances that it can reoccur any time if not treated properly.

It’s really important to understand the source of your back pain, this can help understand you doctor whether its due to infection, muscle pull or anything serious like cancer! There are many things you can do to prevent the re-occurrence of this back pain. However the best thing to do is keep yourself busy in activities, always involve yourself in activities so that joint are moving properly.

Once you keep up with your daily exercise routine and pain is gone, it’s important to keep up that daily routine. The daily routine will help you improve your core muscle strength. There are many exercises that can be done easily on a regular basis and doesn’t include going to a gym or anything. If anything doesn’t work its better you consult a back pain specialist as that is the best option to get rid of the back pain permanently.

So when it comes to back pain its better to take care of your body and keep yourself moving. If the pain decreases over time then good, if doesn’t maybe it’s time to seek professional help and you should definitely look for and orthopedist in your area.


Symptoms of a Spinal Injury

The bundle of nerves carrying impulses to and from the brain to the rest of the body is known as the spinal cord.

A sudden blow or impact that fractures, dislocates or crushes the series of small bones (generally known as a vertebrae) forming the backbone stems leads to the traumatic spinal injury. Moreover improper body mechanics and aging may also be the reasons for spinal injuries. These may also be a result of penetration of a knife or a gunshot that cuts the spinal cord and causes bleeding and fluid accumulation in and around the spine. A spinal cord injury may also be non traumatic that may be due to cancer, inflammation, disk degeneration, arthritis or some infections. Apart from the acts of violence, accidents and sports injuries alcohol has also been reported as the cause of spinal injury in 1 out of every 4 injuries.

Most of the spinal injuries don’t usually require the surgery but the following conditions, if they are painful and progressive may require a person to see a spinal orthopedic surgeon.

Scoliosis: a curvature of the spine.

Kyphosis: a humpback deformity.

Spondylolisthesis: a forward slippage of the segment of the spine.

Degenerative disk disease: pain due to normal wear and tear of disk.

Radiculopathy: an irritation or inflammation of a nerve due to herniated disk.

An orthopedic surgeon can treat the certain disorders that stem from the nervous system and most of   them work only in trauma conditions. It is advisable to firstly schedule an appointment with your regular doctor who can refer you to an orthopedic surgeon or specialist after analyzing your problem. 

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