How to treat Ankle Injury

The sudden blows or impacts are very much common in everyone’s life. In scientific language such sudden blows or impacts are known as contusion. The most common contusion which is a cause of severe pain is seen in case of the ankle joint. An ankle sprain is accompanied by swelling of the ankle and stiffness that sets the joint totally immobile. Many a times this causes the person to walk with a limp.

There are basically two methods for healing ankle sprain. The first is called RICE, which suggests you to rest and ice your ankle until it is healed. The second method is H.E.M which also suggests icing the joint but not infinitely until it is healed but only for two days along with the use of some more active rehabilitation techniques including, some very much specific exercises, stretches and few other healing methods.

These two methods may also be differentiated on the basis of healing time required. Since the rice method insists one to just rest because of this reason it takes about 4 to 8 weeks as the average healing time but on the other hand H.E.M requires only a weak or less to help one in re-establishing the work once again and without any pain.

The right treatment for the ankle injury helps everyone to easily get rid of the worst that he or she has to suffer because of such an injury. Out of both the treatments H.E.M is the one most suggested to the patients because it is just not a better option but is a more comprehensive treatment than the other one.